Unscramble veil

We have unscrambled the letters veil. The words found can be used in Scrabble, Words With Friends, and many more games.

Unscramble letters veil (eilv)

4 letter words made by unscrambling veil

    • morally objectionable behavior
    • having the nature of vice
    • having or exerting a malignant influence
    • the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice
    • morally bad or wrong
    • that which causes harm or destruction or misfortune
    • actually being performed at the time of hearing or viewing
    • have life, be alive
    • capable of erupting
    • possessing life
    • elastic; rebounds readily
    • be an inhabitant of or reside in
    • support oneself
    • continue to live and avoid dying
    • charged or energized with electricity
    • have firsthand knowledge of states, situations, emotions, or sensations
    • abounding with life and energy
    • charged with an explosive
    • exerting force or containing energy
    • highly reverberant
    • in current use or ready for use
    • lead a certain kind of life; live in a certain style
    • of current relevance
    • pursue a positive and satisfying existence
    • make undecipherable or imperceptible by obscuring or concealing
    • a vestment worn by a priest at High Mass in the Roman Catholic Church; a silk shawl
    • the inner membrane of embryos in higher vertebrates (especially when covering the head at birth)
    • a garment that covers the head and face
    • a membranous covering attached to the immature fruiting body of certain mushrooms
    • to obscure, or conceal with or as if with a veil
    • causing or able to cause nausea
    • morally reprehensible

3 letter words made by unscrambling veil

    • flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes
    • the basic unit of money in Bulgaria
    • assume a reclining position
    • originate (in)
    • a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth
    • have a place in relation to something else
    • Norwegian diplomat who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations (1896-1968)
    • be and remain in a particular state or condition
    • be located or situated somewhere; occupy a certain position
    • be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position
    • position or manner in which something is situated
    • tell an untruth; pretend with intent to deceive
    • compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others

2 letter words made by unscrambling veil

    • angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)
    • a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level
    • a soft silver-white univalent element of the alkali metal group; the lightest metal known; occurs in several minerals
    • being one more than fifty
    • Chinese distance measure; approximately 0.5 kilometers

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