Anagram solver

Anagram Solver Guide

Before You Start

Anagram Solver is the ideal tool for unscrambling your letters in various word games or puzzles, whether you are trying to make scrabble words or just want to solve a word anagram that has been stuck in your head. There are any amount of reasons that somebody might want to use an anagram solver to find a word or phrase, but it is hard to deny that most people use them to find every possible new word in their favorite word games. Our Anagram Solver can help you find even the trickiest anagram results, showing you all the new words you can make from any anagram.

How to use this tool

Using the anagram solver and finder isn’t hard - in fact, the tool has been specifically designed to work quickly and effectively, no matter how long your anagrams might be. Simply use it as a search engine and enter your anagrams: solver tools like this work off a database of words, piecing together any dictionary-listed word that you can make from the letters you have. Unlike many other anagram solvers, though, this anagram solver can list them by the number of letters used! Enter your anagrams and hit enter, then watch the anagram solver work to turn your letters from anagrams into words.

Because of how the unscrambler system words, you will be able to solve a word anagram in record time, and can use anagrams to find a word of a certain length of letters. All of the words that can appear are words that appear in the dictionary, meaning that they are all perfectly legal for a word game like Scrabble. Even better, this word anagram solver tells you the definition of every word that your anagram can create, meaning that you have an explanation ready if your friends haven’t heard of the word before. With an anagram solver, you can skip the annoying step of “pause the scrabble game and check the anagram in the dictionary.”

Numbers of Letters

When you use a regular solver, anagram solutions will generally appear in a list. However, not all of them will be organized, especially in more basic word finder tools that don’t use any proper word list. This anagram solver takes a step forward and organizes them based on how many letters are in the words: if you want a word with three letters specifically, you can see what your anagrams will create and take a look at the section containing words with three letters. This removes some of the hassles with such a long list of anagrams and words, and might even help you split one string of anagram letters into words that can be used at the same time.

This can be a surprisingly powerful tool for games like Scrabble and Words with Friends: if you need a word finder that can turn one anagram into multiple words that use different letters from the anagram itself. It might be possible to plan ahead and use your Scrabble / Words with Friends letters and anagrams to get ahead of your friends. Enter the anagrams, press your enter key, and let the anagrams unscramble.

For example, if you have an anagram of the letters TAEH, this anagram solver will organize them based on the letters used. You will get anagrams with three letters, like HAT, ATE, and TEA, as well as anagrams with four letters, like HATE. Understanding how many letters you can use in an anagram adds another level of strategy to Scrabble and can help you find specific anagrams in Words with Friends below a certain number of anagram letters.

Is It Cheating?

While your friends might consider an Anagram Solver to be cheating when you find anagrams, is that really the case? It depends on how you look at it, as well as your natural language skills and how much strategy you like to put into your game. It also depends on the word games themselves; Scrabble and Words with Friends are so drastically different that an anagram word finder can mean different things to different people, and it is possible that some people will even see an anagram solver or word finder as a way of balancing the game.

Remember that you need to find anagrams and words before you can enter them. In Scrabble, not all letters will be part of the anagram, and they might never enter into play during that turn.

Reasons why it’s considered cheating

An anagram solver removes a large part of the game from the game itself by giving you an answer. In Scrabble, this means that it can unscramble phrases that give you a high store by default, taking away a major element of play and essentially handing you points for free. Part of the skill of Scrabble and Words with Friends is being able to find words from anagrams, and removing that can turn the game into an unbalanced mess.

There is also the issue of doing it without other people knowing. In both Words with Friends and Scrabble, you might be able to use an anagram solver on anagrams to create words that wouldn’t be possible for the average person to make unless they spent a lot of time thinking about it. If other Scrabble or Words with Friends players don’t know this, you can make the games incredibly unfair, especially if you are pulling out Scrabble words with an incredibly high value thanks to your word finder.

Reasons why it’s not considered cheating

In other cases, a word solver, anagram unscrambler, or similar tool can help people get the advantage they need to play fairly. If you are not a native speaker of English, it becomes much harder to find words in Scrabble and Words with Friends - the ones that you do find might be low-value ones, and it might not be possible to find words with a high numbers of letters. An anagram solver can make the game more possible for people with language barriers, letting them find a word that they can enter into the game and stay competitive.

In Scrabble, careful use of letters is also part of the gameplay, so this doesn’t remove all of the challenges. Having to find combinations of letters that work as an anagram can be difficult, too, so people who aren’t very educated in the English language might find the game easier with an anagram solver that they can refer to. You might even use an anagram solver as a way of checking the letters and words you find to make sure that they are real anagrams.