Word Scramble Finder

If you need to unscramble words as part of a word game - or if you just want to play around on a site that can help you turn letters into full words - then a word scramble tool is your best bet! Not only can getting words unscrambled be surprisingly fun if you are interested in language, but it can also give you an easy way to make certain scrambled word game types much easier to play, especially if you aren’t a native English speaker. But how do they work, and what are they for?

How to use an unscrambler word tool

Let’s say you have a long list of letters that don’t form a word, like the rows of letters you get in Scrabble. Ordinarily, you would have to piece together the words yourself, but a full set of letters can make this take a long time to do. For example, even a simple five-letter word like “about” can make at least half a dozen common words, and that is not even getting into some of the more obscure words in the dictionary! With an online word unscrambler, you can quickly get unscrambled words for use in Scrabble or Words with Friends, making the games much easier for you if you decide to use them.

Using the Unscramble tool is easy: to unscramble the word, simply enter your set of letters into the search-style text box, then press enter or hit the search button. This will automatically unscramble the words you can make with those letters, giving you a series of words that can all be made with the letters you entered at the start. Some of these will be common words, others will be very rare ones, but all of them will be words that are valid in online dictionaries.

Letter Counts

Both Words with Friends and Scrabble make use of letters while you play, but that doesn’t mean you want to use all the letters. Unscrambling a word will give you different tables for each amount of letters: if you use the word “UNSCRAMBLING,” for example, you could scroll down to the words that are five letters long and see results like “CURLS” or “GAINS.” Unscrambled words can be sorted like this, letting you choose to use parts of your scramble words and letters without using up all of them.

This can be useful for Scrabble and Words with Friends in different ways. In Words with Friends, you have certain limits on how long words can be: the word game tells you what you are looking for, but the nature of the word scramble game means that you have to hunt for it yourself. In Scrabble, you might be looking for the highest points rather than the highest number of letters: a word that is 8 letters long might be worth more than a word which is 9 letters long, depending on the actual letters it uses.

This is another great feature of the unscrambling site. When you play a word scramble game, word points sometimes matter more than individual letters do. By having the Scrabble and Words with Friends points sorted separately, you can get an idea of how much your words will be valued during the games, rather than just having to go off the number of scramble letters you are using.

Is It Cheating?

Yes and no. Cheating is a difficult thing to define in many games since it depends on how you are using the word unscrambling tool and how fair the word game is for different players. For example, if you are not a native English speaker and might only have an idea of how bigger words are spoken phonetically - not written down - then you might use an online word scramble solver to make things fairer. Scramble games become much harder if you aren’t able to speak English as well as the other players.

Arguments For “Cheating”

Most scramble games are based on putting together words from a series of letters, so a common argument points out that a word scramble and unscrambling site basically removes that part of the gameplay. While you can use it to help yourself figure out certain words, it also spoils a lot of the fun, which is focused on each players’ knowledge of the game. Words with Friends is a good example of this, as is Scrabble. Any word scramble game can be cheated on with a tool like this, and many are explicitly designed to let players cheat at word scramble games, even offering tips for how to get away with it.

This is true, but it depends on how the tool site is used. If you make no attempt to play the game and just use scrambled word letters to constantly get the highest score you can, then you are cheating and making the game almost unplayable for anybody else. If you are using the scrambled word site to help yourself make words from letters, but still following a set of rules that limit when and/or how you can do it, the game can still be played without making you impossible to beat.

Arguments Against “Cheating”

Word scramble sites can help specific people with far more than just games, though. One of the biggest barriers to word scramble games is the fact that they rely on an extensive knowledge of the English language (or whatever language they are being played in), and English can be confusing to people who weren’t speaking it at an early age. Sometimes people know that a word can be made, but don’t remember exactly how to fit the letters together. In other cases, they don’t have enough of a grip on English to create words that reach a higher score.

Another reason that it might not be cheating is due to how word scramble games work. Scrabble specifically isn’t just about the word scramble element, and there is also an element of strategy and positioning. You can remove the word scramble part of Scrabble entirely and still enjoy playing it. By giving a scramble word solver site or tool to the weakest player, they can become a threat that makes the game more strategic, especially if they are able to learn while playing.